Rising UFC star Bryce Mitchell believes the government was involved in Texas school shooting

No. 9 ranked UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell is an undefeated rising star on the UFC roster. He’s talented, but perpetuates conspiracy theories. His most recent conspiracy theory is that the government was involved in the horrific Robb Elementary School shooting in Texas.

On May 24, Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary School and opened fire killing 19 students and two teachers. The incident sparked a renewed national debate about gun reform. The actions of law enforcement that responded to the mass shooting has received widespread criticism.

According to Mitchell, the inaction of law enforcement on the scene was orchestrated by the government in an effort to garner support for gun legislation.

“When I say something it’s just because I care about it,” Mitchell said during an appearance on The Schaub Show hosted by former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. “I know that everybody is not going to agree with it, but if what I’m talking about I believe needs to be said, I’ll say it even if there’s going to be backlash.”

Mitchell then explained why he believes that the government was involved in the horrific mass murder of elementary school children.

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“I did an interview with Ariel Helwani, and I went on there and said that the government is doing some school shootings. They’re letting some of them happen. And they’re also, like the Las Vegas shooting – I believe that was a government collusion. The Las Vegas shooting was too suspicious. Too many things didn’t line up,” Mitchell said.

“A couple of months later, you have in Uvalde, Texas. A tranny gets an AR, maybe not a tranny but a guy that’s dressing up like a girl. He was a kid. I guess be was 18-years old. I don’t know if he was a tranny or what he was, but he dressed up in skirts and stuff, and he goes in with his AR-15 and starts killing people in the school in Texas.

“The police officers sit outside for about an hour. And they’re saying we don’t know if we want to enter because of this. We don’t have enough armor. Those kids don’t have any armor. Those kids are unarmed, and they’re kids.”

Mitchell thinks the reason law enforcement didn’t enter the building and weren’t more aggressive in their response was because the government ordered them to stand down.

“Those officers, when they swear into office, it’s their duty to go in there and die for those kids on the spot. That’s their job. Their job that day was to go in that school and die, or kill the guy that was killing everybody, and there shouldn’t have been zero hesitation. Zero!

“I’ll say the exact same thing that I got censored for on Ariel Helwani, the government is getting involved in some of these shootings, and this one I believe they were ordered to stand down. I believe they were ordered to stand down, sit outside that school while innocents were shot so they could have a narrative to take AR-15s specifically and I’ll say it again, I will die before I hand over before I hand over that gun. I’lld die in a shootout before I starve to death because as soon as they take your guns they’re going to starve your ass to death just like they did the Jews,” Mitchell said.

“I maintain the same position, and if I get censored again I get censored again. I believe there was something weird going on with that school shooting. I believe they’re trying to find any reason they can to take our guns. I won’t give it to them. I’d rather die. We need to arm schools.”

The mass shooting in Las Vegas took place in 2017.

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