Episode 10 Recap | The Ultimate Fighter: Team Peña vs Team Nunes

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Back at the house…

Walker gets her pre-fight call with her sister, Mackenzie, acknowledging afterwards that it made her both emotional and confident. She shows her sister the journaling she’s been doing in the house to fill her time, explaining that it has helped her reflect and gain a sense of peace as she progresses in this journey.

“With all of the emotions that I had going on, today, I feel at peace,” Walker says. “Walking into that cage, I’m going to feel at peace. The cage is my home — I’m realizing that more and more. It’s what I was born to do, so all emotions settled and aside. I feel like I’m ready to step in — mentally, physically, and spiritually

“I’m ready.”

Three Days Until the Fight…

Now it’s Walker’s turn to go through preparations with the members of Team Nunes, with the focus being on allowing Walker to use her slightly unorthodox southpaw striking to keep Gallardo guessing and unable to implement her game plan.

Walker explains she’s still a little limited because of the knee injury she suffered earlier in the season, but is confident that she’ll be able to push the pace and be the one applying pressure in the fight.

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The expectation is that Gallardo is going to want to wrestle, and the plan is to work to defend those shots and give her different looks and attacks to deal with on the way in. Team Nunes seems to think that Gallardo is one-dimensional and going to have blind spots heading into this contest, so it will be interesting to see if that is how things shake out.

Back at the house…

Gallardo calls home and is greeted by her boyfriend and her dog, crying as soon as she sees their faces.

She praises his willingness and commitment to letting her be obsessive about her MMA pursuits, and they laugh about how needy and clingy the dog is being, with Gallardo showing her boyfriend his picture over her bed and thanking him for the notes from him she brought with her into the house.

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“Wait ‘til you turn your phone on,” he tells her, drawing out a wonderful laugh while she explains in a confessional interview the challenges and adjustments that come with being in the house, isolated from the outside world.

“I’m feeling a lot of emotions,” says Gallardo. “One, I’m feeling excitement. I’m ready to get in the cage, I’m ready to perform, I’m ready to literally give myself 100 percent and just give it all in the cage.

“I gotta f*** someone up soon,” she adds. “I gotta stay ready, I gotta stay healthy because I’m going to war.”

Flyweight Weigh-In…

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