Video Of 10-Year-Old Boxer’s Cruel Weight Cut Goes Viral

A disturbing video of a 10-year-old American boxer undergoing a brutal weight cut has attracted outrage online.

The video, which was shared on Twitter by the President of the World Boxing Council, Mauricio Sulaimán, shows the dehydrated young fighter inside a weight-cutting suit. Off screen, a man is heard offering callous encouragement for the boy to remain in the suit, despite his pleas for the procedure to end.

“You want to work out and lose more weight, or do you want to do it like this?” says the man.

“Can I go home and sleep it off? I want to go cool down” replies the boy.

“You tell this to the person you fighting,” says the man.

Sulaimán accompanied the video with an outraged message condemning the actions of the boy’s team, reminding his followers of the often fatal dangers of the weight cutting process.

“This video is so disturbing! So much ignorance on weight reduction at all levels. To watch this kid suffer like this is brutal and criminal. Weight and dehydration are the cause of most if not all fatal accidents in boxing and contact sports,” tweeted Sulaiman.

Weight Cutting Remains A Contentious Issue In Combat Sports

The dangers of weight cutting in boxing and MMA has been a much debated topic in recent years, with the practice having claimed the lives of several fighters. In 2015, One Championship welterweight Yang Jian Bing died after suffering complications following a weight cut. This followed the death of Shooto Brazil bantamweight Leandro Souza in 2015.

Yang Jian Bing weight cut
One Championship welterweight Yang Jian Bing died in 2015 after suffering complications from a brutal weight cut.

While the UFC is yet to experience a death due to weight cutting, it has come perilously close. In 2018, middleweight Uriah Hall shared how a brutal cut almost led to his death and saw him end up in hospital.

While the dangers of weight cutting are clearly apparent, some have criticized the practice for other reasons. UFC commentator Joe Rogan has consistently criticized the extreme weight cutting employed by some fighters, likening it to “sanctioned cheating.”

What’s your thoughts on this tragic video of a young boxer’s brutal weight cut?

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