Jorge Masvidal fires back at ‘butt hurt’ Daniel Cormier after ‘big league’ jab

Jorge Masvidal fires back at ‘butt hurt’ Daniel Cormier after ‘big league’ jab

Jorge Masvidal vs. Daniel Cormier is not a match-up MMA fans asked for but it’s what we got … kind of.

On Wednesday morning the BMF champion took aim at the former two-division champion, Daniel Cormier, following comments that Cormier made after Leon Edwards won the welterweight title on Saturday.

While talking about Edwards on his own show “DC and RC” Cormier advised Edwards to refuse a fight with his longtime rival … Masvidal.

“Bro, don’t fight him because for two years – when he was the man, he could not say your name. All of a sudden he’s like ‘if you become the champ’… he should not fight Jorge Masvidal. He literally should just big league him and not even say his name,” Cormier said on the show. “Why would you do that when a guy snuck you backstage but then never fought you? Then, all of a sudden, you’re the man and he wants to fight you.”

That got back to Masvidal and he let it be known what he thought of Cormier’s comments.

“Guess you’re still butt hurt since I didn’t do the interview you requested on your weak YouTube channel during my fight week. I know you needed my name to produce some sort of views since Ariel went solo and you became a has-been,” Masvidal tweeted. “Just make sure when Dana calls and you tells you to promote the biggest fight the current champ can make in the division which is me, wear your best suit from DXL and make sure you do as your told like a good boy. Maybe you’ll get a treat from your master #reasonpeoplewatchonmute #fakelifecoach #brokeadvice.”

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