AZ commission to meet, discuss Anderson Silva’s pre-fight statement

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AZ commission to meet, discuss Anderson Silva’s pre-fight statement

Following a controversial comment made by Anderson Silva himself, then later retracted, the Arizona State Athletic Commission will be meeting to discuss the matter.

Silva made a comment about being “knocked out” twice in sparring when talking to MMA Weekly during the pre-fight press conference in early September. After that began circulating online Silva released a statement clarifying what he meant.

“After seeing the reports and concern for me, I’d like to clarify two important things. One, I was NEVER knocked out in sparring. I misspoke in that interview as I sometimes do when interviewing in English and exaggerated the normal back-and-forth action that occurs in sparring,” Silva told TMZ in a statement. “Second, this sparring session I referenced was in early September. The interview with MMA Weekly was done on Sept. 13 and, for some reason, just released this week. So, it wasn’t recent. More importantly, my training camp has been great. I am fit and ready to fight and the only knockout people should be worried about is the one I’m about to deliver to Jake Paul on Saturday night.”

Now it seems like the fight might be in jeopardy and the commission will be meeting on Thursday to discuss it.

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