Chael Sonnen: I’ll Always Bet On Jon Jones In Any Form of Combat

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Chael Sonnen may not be the biggest fan of Jon Jones as a person, but he knows the kind of combat athlete his rival is.

Sonnen and Jones fought in 2013, with the then-light heavyweight champion defending his belt, but their rivalry has only grown in time. While they were initially cordial with one another, in the years since, they have constantly gone back and forthwith each other, with the American Gangster always looking for an opportunity to smear “Bones.”

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Chael Sonnen Always Bets On Jones

There have been some questions floated around recently regarding the skill that Jon Jones has in any one particular discipline of MMA, with Anthony Smith suggesting that while the former champ is incredibly skilled overall, he is not the best in the world at any single facet of the sport. This is something that Chael Sonnen brought up in a recent video on his YouTube channel, and he is not entirely sure he agrees with Smith.

Sonnen made it clear that Jones is by no means his favorite person, but he says that he can not deny the skills the former champ possesses when it comes to anything related to combat sports. In fact, he says that he would be willing to bet on Jones to beat the best in the world at a given combat sport, no matter what it was.

“I would bet on Jon Jones in anything. I might lose my money, but I would bet on Jon Jones in anything,” Sonnen said. “I’m gonna disgust you guys, but I don’t say this with any exaggeration, this is true. If Jon Jones was entering Abu Dhabi tomorrow, and Gordon Ryan was in the bracket, I’ll bet on Jon Jones. Roast away, go ahead. If Jon Jones is going to go over to heavyweight boxing and take on Tyson Fury, I’m gonna bet on Jon Jones.”

Chael Sonnen admits that this is not the way most people would look at it and knows that Jon Jones would be the underdog in any of these matchups. However, he does not feel like anyone has ever seen Jones performing at his full potential.

To back this up, Sonnen points to the fact that Jones was able to take on a BJJ brown belt who challenged him to a fun grappling match out of nowhere during an autograph signing. Apparently, Jonny Bones was able to take this brown belt on without even warming up, and according to Chael, play with the skilled grappler before submitting him with ease, in spite of only being a purple belt himself at the time and not expecting the exchange to happen.

“Jon Jones drives me nuts. Jon Jones drives me crazy. I would never deny what I’m seeing, though,” Sonnen continued. “When it comes to combat, whether I like him or not — I get Anthony (Smith’s) point, I know what Anthony’s saying. Me telling you Jon can beat up Tyson Fury in boxing, I better be prepared to lose my money. Me telling you Jon could win Abu Dhabi (no matter who is) in the bracket, I better have that money because I’m probably gonna hand it over. But I’m telling you now, if Jon Jones is doing it and it’s combat, I’m taking Jon.”

It is great to see that even if Chael Sonnen may not like Jon Jones as a person, he can see recognize and respect the skill his former foe has. Of course, whether or not to agree with this assessment is up for each person to decide for themselves.

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen?

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