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Despite how well the trip turned out for Farrer, he does still kick himself over not finding tickets to the fights while he was already a stone’s throw from the arena. There are few ways March 5, 2016, could have made Farrer more of a fan, but that’s one of the few sure-shot paths to success.

Going back to Chicago, Farrer had no shortage of people to discuss the fights with after being won over. The whole city loves sports, the whole city loves a little extra physicality in every sport, and the demographic makeup of the city meant the whole city loved Conor McGregor.

“As a guy being from Chicago, a Midwest traditional sports town, blue collar city, a very Italian and Irish city, there’s something about Conor McGregor that just took over the city and resonated with a lot of Irish friends I had,” Farrer laughed.

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To be clear, Farrer was never anti-MMA. Combat sports are combat sports, it’s understandable for people to enjoy it without being consumed in it, especially in a city with a couple teams in almost every team sport out there. Before MMA had reached his radar, he could tell you about the Roy Jones Jrs of the world, the Mike Tysons of the world, but might not be able to tell you much about their opponents. After discovering the athlete recognition in MMA, he found a sport he could get lost in.

“What’s great about the UFC is you guys have done a great job of making the other fighters and the whole card interesting,” Farrer explained. “I tuned in for McGregor and Holly and Ronda but then I become infatuated with the whole Rivalry with Garbrandt and Dillashaw when he left Team Alpha Male and Garbrandt just beat Dominick Cruz and it was a really cool time for that division and there was just so many storylines going on. That was the summer GSP came back, it was a really cool time. Every little thing just kind of worked out.”

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