Conor McGregor And Michael Chandler Talk TUF 31

“I already talked these guys, and I promised them that I want this more than the other team wants it. I want these guys to win more than that other coaching staff even can scratch the surface of the passion that I have for my guys, their fights, their training sessions, this experience, this opportunity.”

McGregor believes Chandler is a worthy adversary and is excited that the two are tasked with inspiring these sixteen fighters to reach new heights.

“I’m looking forward to coaching against Michael,” McGregor said. “He’s a good lad. He’s been respectful of me. He’s put on some good fights in the game, and he’s got a call for it. I’m happy to come in here and coach against him.

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“It’s great to be back here giving back to the sport, bringing in this next wave of fighters. Inspiring, motivating, coaching, and having a bit of fun and, also, preparing for my own bout. It’s great to be back.”

One crucial point that McGregor plans to make very clear to his team is that this opportunity is once in a lifetime. This is their chance to show the world what they’ve got and to impress each step of the way, and they get to do it on ESPN and in front of Dana White.

“To hear that it’s going live on ESPN is huge, so I will, for sure, let the young athletes in this competition know this also,” McGregor said. “Like I said, it’s dogs in the cage we’re looking for here. People that are going out to get it. I’m just here to give them a little push along the way.”

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