Midnight Mania: The Rogan Red Flag? JRE Deemed Major Turnoff

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Joe Rogan is the most popular name in podcasting. The UFC color commentator has also grown increasingly controversial over the years, particularly since his high-profile and highly lucrative deal with Spotify. His willingness to host different politicians from across the aisle, as well as his hot takes about COVID-19, have only made him more divisive.

Still, the MMA community as a whole largely loves Joe Rogan, who has been a signature part of the UFC broadcast for an awful long time. Unfortunately, that opinion clashes with that of the average woman, according to a recent poll by Change (h/t NYPost). Per the poll, 55% of women deem that listening to Joe Rogan — one would assume meaning his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience — is a red flag, meaning it would be a turnoff in a potential partner.

The poll asked just over one registered voters, men and women both, ages 18-34 about various beliefs, hobbies, and interest that could stand out as red or green flags. Rogan listenership didn’t take the top spot, but it’s not far off!

Check out the full results below:

Change Research

I’m curious where “Being an MMA fan” would have landed?


The current rumor is that Bellator is simply going to fade away rather than get purchased by PFL …

UFC does some of the most hilariously lazy stuff imaginable. Why is photoshopping arms the established precedent?

Tecia Torres sets the record straight about her rumored release.

Just two fights into his UFC career, Diego Lopes is already in must-watch fighter territory.

Elizeu Zaleski took a moment to talk some trash to former foe Sean Strickland. Why not, I guess?

I don’t think these blocks could hold the weight of a small child.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Two clean connections send this man through the ropes and into the arms of ringside bystanders.

Kaneko rocketed off the canvas into this jump knee.

Anyone got a guess on the weight difference here? Seems considerable.

Random Land

A nonchalant skateboard trick I’ve never seen before.

Midnight Music: Hip-hop, 2004

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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