A Special Moment To Be Loopy Godinez

Hearing that, and knowing that Godinez arrived in Vegas with a two-fight winning streak and victories in three of her last four, you wonder how far she’s going to take this now that she found her ideal training situation and is genuinely happy in it. She has some ideas, but first things first, and that’s fighting Reed on Mexican Independence Day.

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“It’s amazing,” she said. “I’ve been in Canada for 15 years now, and I couldn’t come to Mexico for so many years. And finally, I have the freedom, the money and what it takes for me to travel back to Mexico. So, for me, I’m seeing this as a reconnection to my heritage. When we moved, I was young and, of course, it was hard to make my own decisions. So my parents were making all these decisions. We’re in a new country, new everything. And now you have to make it work. So, of course, it takes time for you to build up, to have the freedom, the money, to build, to travel. It takes a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of years. And finally, I’m in that position where I can say, okay, I am going to Mexico for three months, peace out and then leave. So, I feel like this is a special moment just to reconnect with where I born, where I’m from.”

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