Noche UFC results: Jack Della Maddalena outstrikes Kevin Holland to win a razor close split decision

Jack Della Maddalena picked up the biggest win of his career after earning a hard-fought split decision victory over Kevin Holland in the Noche UFC co-main event.

While it wasn’t the fire fight many expected, Della Maddalena’s ability to score the bigger power punches over all three rounds seemed to make the biggest difference. Holland certainly showed no fear stepping into the pocked and trading punches but his volume striking attack came up just short in the end.

Two judges returned 29-28 scores for Della Maddalena with the third judge going 29-28 for Holland. That was still enough for Della Maddalena to get the nod as he remains undefeated in the UFC.

“Pretty much exactly what I expected,” Della Maddalena said afterweards. “It’s hard to tell in here. Whatever, I’m not a judge so f*** it. The plan was to come in, be defensive, use the eyes and just pick my shots.”

It was precision versus power with Holland operating like a sniper from the outside with Della Maddalena seeking to close the distance and then launching a huge barrage of punches in succession. Holland didn’t seem phased even when he got tagged, although Della Maddalena was definitely connecting with better power shots in the early going.

Holland continued to pepper away with a long jab followed with another punch behind it. Meanwhile, Della Maddelana kept looking for the opening to rush ahead and launch big left and right hooks to the head.

By the midway point in the second round, Holland really started to increase his output and volume while frustrating Della Maddalena with effective head movement to make the Australian miss. Just when it looked like Della Maddalena couldn’t land effectively, he would find an opening to tag Holland, which made the exchanges extremely close every time.

Defense was strong on both sides with Della Maddalena exploding forward in bursts including a well-placed barrage that Holland answered with a quick punch and an inside elbow that backed him off. Holland was also using a front kick to the body that was almost like a jab from the outside.

Still it was Della Maddalena making the most of his offense as he routinely stalked forward and then opened up with three and four power punches in a row. Holland’s volume just didn’t land with as much impact and that appeared to be the difference with the judges.

A hard hitter in the cage but soft spoken outside of it, Della Maddalena didn’t mention any names for potential opponents but with the win he’s definitely rising up the ranks in the welterweight division.

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