‘Big Mouth’ Calls Out Next Opponent Following Noche UFC Loss

Kevin Holland is barely a day removed from a split decision loss to Jack Della Maddalena and he’s already calling for his next fight.

Della Maddalena outstruck Holland in an extremely close and surprisingly cautious fight, winning their Noche UFC showdown. Two judges saw it 29-28 for the Australian, while a third had it 29-28 for “Big Mouth.” Immediately after the fight, Holland took to social media to share his frustration over the fight.

“Well, guys, sorry about that,” he said in a short video captioned “I fooked that up.”

On Sunday afternoon, Holland seemed more at peace with the loss.

“Props to Jack, good guard, I’d like to go watch it back!” he wrote on an Instagram story. “I see y’all talking about poor performance. I really honestly thought I outworked dude but what the hell do I know. For those that ride with me how about Neil Magny. Loser cuts their hair.”

The loss is Holland’s first of 2023 after a solid 2-0 start to the year. If he has it his way, he’ll get back in the cage as soon as possible. Leading up to the Della Maddalena fight, Kevin explained his fighting mindset.

“I’m just looking to stay active,” he said. “I’m looking to fight anybody and everybody, you know what I mean? I like how I get paid and the way that I get paid is to show up and win fights. I show up, win fights, do the contract, assassinate the person in front of me, collect my checks, go on to the next one. I just look forward to keep fighting. Fight as much as possible.”

Neil Magny is coming off his own loss to a big hype prospect — he was defeated by Ian Garry at UFC 292 in August. So both men have something to prove, and hopefully the UFC will put this potential matchup together sooner rather than later.

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