Josefine Knutsson: A Swedish Thunderstorm Hits the Octagon

“Yeah, that was a little bit like a rollercoaster for me,” Knutsson said. “I was surprised it came that quickly, but also, I’ve been ready for this a long time, and I’ve been preparing, and I know with the UFC there can always be quick decisions, so you have to be ready. 

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“Everything can go fast, so you just have to adapt to that and have a very open mind, and I think that kind of quality is what you need as a fighter. I just have an open mind, and it doesn’t matter who I have in front of me because, of course, we can have a strategy, but I trust my team so much and I’m just gonna bring out what I need to bring out for this fight.” 

Taking a fight on short notice is no small feat for anyone, but Knutsson is not one to back down from a challenge. She is eager to step into the Octagon and put on a spectacular show. It’s been her dream to be a part of mixed martial arts’ biggest promotion, and now that she’s here, she’s not going to let this opportunity slip through her fingers.

“I hope people are happy to see me in the UFC,” Knutsson said. “I have received so much support after my previous fight, and it really means the world to me because that is proof to me that they enjoyed my fight and that they wanna see me in the UFC. I’m really grateful for that.”

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