Midnight Mania: Mike Perry Versus … Le’Veon Bell?!?!

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Mike Perry may be the face of bare knuckle boxing, but that doesn’t mean “Platinum” is afraid to lace up the gloves. One way or another, Perry’s next move isn’t fully confirmed due to his status as Dillon Danis’ back up versus Logan Paul. Danis is currently in a will-they, won’t-they relationship with competition as a whole, so it’s distinctly possible that Danis pulls out officially any day now and is replaced by Perry.

He’s hinted as much this week.

If by some divine miracle Danis does make it to the ring, Perry has stumbled into another option: former Pro Bowl NFL running back Le’Veon Bell. The longtime Pittsburgh Steeler’s NFL career officially fizzled out in 2022, but he’s rebounded inside the boxing ring. He knocked out fellow football star Adrian Peterson in an exhibition bout last year (watch it), and he’s 1-1 as a pro overall after losing his debut to ex-UFC Middleweight Uriah Hall.

Apparently, Bell wants a piece of Paul as well, and he’s not happy that Perry scored the backup slot. He questioned Perry’s comparative star power, and accused “scared” Logan Paul of avoiding a fight with him.

It didn’t take Perry long to respond. “Platinum” has grown into a genuine star in the combat sports community, even if he’s not as well known in the general public as Bell. Perry then advised him to “Save yourself the embarrassment,” but offered, “You and I can square up tho, lmk.”

Surprisingly, Bell seems to be down. He wrote back to Perry, “I been SEARCHING for a dance partner.”

It’s an odd match up, but one that could prove lucrative for both men. Perry is far more experienced and proven in the ring, but he would be facing a significant size disadvantage, and Bell can certainly crack. Maybe it ends up on the undercard of Paul vs. Danis if that fight makes it to the ring?


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Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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