Gianatasio Looks to Shock At Fury Challenger Series 8

After suffering multiple ACL injuries, Gianatasio took an indefinite break from MMA. Time and health may have been against him, but it wasn’t long before Gianatasio needed to scratch the MMA itch.

“I had hit a point in my life where I really needed martial arts back in my life and started going back to the gym,” Gianatasio said. “Since I got hurt, I have more focus on my career.”

Gianatasio had a handful of amateur fights and simply enjoyed the process of training until a coach got in his ear and guided him into the professional ranks.

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“My first coach ever, he had told me when I started again back in 2020, ‘If I were you, I would take one more fight and go pro.’ I took a fight in Mississippi for my professional debut last October against Terry Wilson. He was about 3-0, and it was a heavyweight.”

His professional debut wasn’t what he was hoping for, as he lost by doctor stoppage. Gianatasio explained that he missed the mark in the first round which proved to be a decision-altering mistake.

“I had him hurt multiple times and I made one mistake in the second round took some cuts and the doctor stopped it between the second and the third round,” Gianatasio said.

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