‘I Still Want To Decapitate KSI,’ But First…

The world of Influencer boxing is still going strong, but Saturday night’s PRIME Card was a reminder that a lot of these fights just suck, no matter how much sizzle there is to them in the build up.

The word of the night was ‘tentative,’ as neither Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis or KSI vs. Tommy Fury ever really caught fire as promised. Paul would end up winning via DQ after Danis started going for submissions (watch those highlights here). KSI would lose a controversial decision to Fury, but both men fought so poorly that no one is particularly interested in hearing KSI’s robbery claims.

As for Jake Paul, the king of the Influencer boxers? He shared his thoughts on the KSI vs. Fury fight and KSI’s insistence he got screwed in a new YouTube video.

“I knew that, I expected that, this guy’s ego is out of control,” Paul said. “Kicking and screaming, crying, stuttering, asking for an appeal. This guy is 30 years old acting like this, right? Take it like a man. Don’t be a sore loser. You lost. Tommy had a point deducted and you still lost!”

“But I wasn’t impressed with either man. I thought Tommy fought way better against me, came in better prepared. Tonight he was flat footed, kind of awkward. And KSI was kind of good for one round in the first round and then got tired after that. But I still want to decapitate KSI. We have to finish what we started.”

Don’t get too excited for Jake vs. KSI though. According to “The Problem Child,” he wants the Tommy Fury rematch first.

“The Tommy Fury rematch is right there,” he said. “Tommy’s gonna want that payday. Payday Tommy, payday!”

“But knowing where I’m going, my improvement, my new team that I have, my new mindset and elevating every single day in the boxing gym. What I saw from Tommy? I know in the rematch I’m going to beat that guy. I’m going to show you all how to take a loss, come back and win against Nate Diaz, and then win again when it’s time to put it all on the line.”

“Respect to Tommy for remaining undefeated,” he concluded. “And I’m excited to run that back as soon as we can.”

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