Wankers! Dumont’s ‘Dump Truck’ Brings Constant Social Media Bombardment

Norma Dumont is just trying to go about her business.

Brazil’s Dumont, 33, has had a successful run in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) thus far, having won six of her eight times out (10-2 overall). Mostly fighting at Featherweight, Dumont currently rides a three-fight winning streak and will return to the 135-pound Bantamweight division when she takes on Yana Santos at the UFC Fight Night event on Jan. 13, 2023.

Unfortunately for Dumont, like many female fighters, she has been met with countless creepy comments on social media as she’s gone about her career in UFC.

“I don’t know what happens to my Instagram that attracts so many of these,” Dumont told Ag Fight. “There are a lot of wankers on my Instagram, right? I don’t know where they come from because I’m not a person who posts many intimate stuff. I really dont have too many posts like that. But they were always there. It’s true, but I think it started to reach more people and then more and more people like that showed up.”

The Belo Horizonte native highlighted how things really took off after a particular instance ahead of her clash with Danyelle Wolf at UFC 279 in September 2022. During the event’s weigh-ins, Dumont took her turn to check her numbers, leading to a now-infamous quote from UFC commentator, Laura Sanko, on the weigh-in show, who commented on Dumont’s “dump truck,” referencing her posterior.

Sanko’s comments were meant to be complimentary, but Dumont is still feeling the ripple effects from creeps online over one full year later.

“I think it helped, I think so,” Dumont said. “Because I see many of them posting the same comment. [My butt] is a truck, like a truck, trailer truck, I don’t know. A truck they make in the U.S. And yes, after her comment, a lot of these … there is a video on YouTube that has many views everywhere. I tried to avoid it in every way, but there’s no way. The video is out there. At least once a week someone tags me in this video again. So yes, there are people who come by because of her comment. Originated a meme that is circulating.”

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