Anthony Cassar’s Wrestling Reputation Causing Problems

“Now that I’ve been in the game for almost a year, full-time MMA training, I feel confident with my sparring and with being able to strike if I want to,” Cassar said. “I’m going to feel much more comfortable with this one and basically dictate where this one goes. If I want to take it to the ground I can at any point and finish it there, but I’m not, in any way, hesitant to be on my feet and strategically strike.”

What Cassar explains to up and coming fighters who go into fights expecting to learn takedown defense in a camp and rely on natural power is that unless you’ve dedicated years of your life to wrestling, you better do yourself a favor and have the strongest will and most adaptable game in MMA.

“This is wrestling that they can’t imagine or replicate unless they did it for 15-plus years,” Cassar said. “You can come in and strike all you want, I’m down to play that game, but, at the end of the day, I’m going to dominate that first round.”


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