Main Event Spotlight | UFC 295: Procházka vs Pereira

Another intriguing aspect of this fight is their versatility on the feet. While both are exceptionally accurate, Pereira is far more diverse with his strikes, constantly leaving his opponents guessing. Pereira lands 41 percent of strikes to the head, 34.7 percent to the body and 24.3 percent to the legs. As we’ve seen in his fights against Adesanya, it does not take long for Pereira’s calf kicks to take detrimental effects on his opponent’s mobility. Procházka, on the other hand, lands over 85 percent of strikes to the head.

While it’s worked out for Procházka in the past, this may suit Pereira very well, knowing that he only needs to fear a one-dimensional attack, while Procházka has to constantly be on the lookout for calf, kicks, head kicks and “Poatan’s” patented left hook.

On the other hand, Procházka shouldn’t anticipate any wrestling from Pereira. Despite his one takedown against Adesanya, Pereira’s been taken down eight times in six fights, and he looked far less comfortable on the mat than on the feet. Should Procházka choose to take Pereira down at any point, he may find a lot of success, especially raining heavy elbows from top position like in his fight against Teixeira.

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