Jiří Procházka: Pure Concentration, Focus And Happiness

“I can’t be too weird in my style like I was ‘til now,” Procházka said. “I have to be more precise, especially in a fight with Alex, and I’m happy to fight him. I’m happy to face Alex because it improved me, my style, and it sharpened my mind, my spirit and my body more than another opponent because I see how he is taking the fighting very seriously. For somebody like me, who is taking fighting a similar way, it is a pleasure, and it is an honor to face this guy.”

Although he will mostly downplay it, Procházka is also honored to headline UFC’s 30th anniversary show in Madison Square Garden. He hints at his appreciation, but then, almost reminding himself, he says that his focus is on staying in the moment. 

Part of that, though, is because he wants to allow himself to experience his emotions come fight night. When thinking about what he expects to feel in the hours preceding his fight, he lists three:

Pure concentration, pure focus and pure happiness. 

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