One Final Homecoming For David Carr | UFC FIGHT PASS

In addition to being one of the greatest wrestlers in one of the most star-studded programs in NCAA wrestling, Carr has the character, personality and leadership that any coach would want to reward. A fancy dinner, a graduation present, a letter of recommendation are the kinds of easy gestures coaches may think of to thank a wrestler for showing everybody in the room day in and day out what a student-athlete should look like. The intangible value to the program that Carr has brought to Iowa State through the years made the legwork and the sacrifice of a home dual on the schedule a no brainer.

Dresser was going to give Carr the closest thing to a National Title memory. He was going to finally take him back to Perry Massillon High School to give Carr and the fans in the Perry township something they thought they had already gotten years ago.

A final hometown farewell to their favorite Cyclone.

“I think it’s going to be a great turnout,” Carr said. “We’ve been promoting it well. I’m just super excited to see because we do an event at Humboldt High School, which is kind of a similar feel. It’s packed out, it feels like the crowd is on top of you. It’s so loud in there; it’s a high school gym so I think in Ohio, Ohio wrestling is just passionate. I think it’s going to be a great event and I love that the UFC Fight Pass is opening up and doing it. That’s phenomenal, it’s good for the sport of wrestling and I love that they’re doing that.”

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