Coach Conversation | Sergei Pavlovich vs Tom Aspinall

He moves like a guy that should have good cardio, where Pavlovich, maybe he has good cardio, but he fights like a guy that fades. Most guys that fight like that will generally fade.

Kyte: What’s also weird is that neither of them are guys that are cutting weight to make the heavyweight limit; they’re not these guys that are coming in at 265 pounds.

Pavlovich was 260 last fight, and that’s generally where he comes in, within five pounds or so. He’s not one of these big boys that is cutting a bunch of weight, and Aspinall is the same — he weighed in at 258 last time — but they’re such different body compositions, and you see that power for Pavlovich and think “he’s gonna fade more,” which is probably unfair, and why it’s the correct curiosity.

Chartier: I think we’re filling in gaps that we don’t know with knowledge that we have from the overall fight game; it’s not even specific to them.

You have two guys that are just killing everyone in the first round, and we have to make some assumptions, and that’s what makes this fight exciting is the unknown.

We’re all just speculating.

Kyte: That is a perfect way to put it. Thanks Coach!

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Nicksick: And he’s fought Jiri, and I think that is also important.

Kyte: Right! Knows some of the stuff — what the strength is like, what the power is like, what he might chase and not chase. I’m sure if you asked Glover, he’d cop to wanting that fight back so he could correct the couple mistakes he made because he was 30 seconds from winning that fight.

Nicksick: Yep. It’s going to be a good one.

Kyte: I can’t wait for it!

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