Benoît Saint Denis: ‘Trust My Word’

“Oh yeah, happy man,” Saint Denis said. “I want to face the top of the division, the best of the best guys. Matt Frevola is one of them. A lot of respect to him. It will be a great show and may the better fighter win.

“Matt Frevola is well-rounded, and he has a good mentality, and he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t give up on himself. I think it’s a great matchup and we both have similarities. I’m here to show that I’m better everywhere and he will try to do the same. Let’s see who the better fighter is.”

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Showcasing that he’s ready for that jump into the shark tank that is the lightweight top 15 is exactly the type of thing that could give Saint Denis just about the only thing on his mind other than a shot to win the title.

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