When One Season Ends Another Begins For The Hopkins Fam | UFC Fight Pass

“I would say an average day is probably like 56 degrees, a little bit of rain and probably like 10-15 miles-per-hour winds,” Hopkins said. “That’s a decent day; nothing too hard. Twice the season we’ll get a week straight of just 30 mile-an-hour winds and rain. It’s so cold your fingers will probably want to fall off.”

Worse than the exhaustion of the day in and day out grind is finding the motivation to get on the water after a long season only to find out there’s no fishing permitted by the Department of Fishing.

“The Department of Fishing will come on and they’ll say, depending on how many fish have swum by the day before, they’ll be like all right you can fish here, or you can’t,” Hopkins said. “We fish for eight hours, and then we come, and generally when they tell us we can fish, what they do is say, ‘All right, you can fish for eight hours,’ and then you get a four-hour break and then fish for eight hours again. That’s rain or shine, snow, wind tail, whatever; when they say fish, you’re out there fishing.”

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