Uroš Medić: Rolling With The Punches

In their preparation for Semelsberger, they noticed that spinning attacks could be effective, and they believed it was an opportunity they could capitalize on. Sure enough, it was a third-round spinning backfist landed by Medić that would lead to his knockout win. It was spectacular and a testament to the type of fighter that Medić is.

“It was a pretty good fight. Semelsberger is a tough opponent; he’s pretty much dropped everybody that he’s fought including me. I did not see that coming,” Medić said. “But I knew he was going to be tough, and I banked on getting a finish later in the fight – that did happen. I had a good gameplan and I executed it.

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“It was crazy. I got it exactly how I envisioned it.”

At 9-1, Medić has never had a fight go to a decision. He’s finished every one of his wins and was finished in his lone defeat.

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