Episode 2 Recap | Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

We got to learn a little bit about Boone and his motivation to compete in Power Slap. He’s competing for his son and trying to start something new in his life. The Austin, Texas native isn’t a big talker and he’s been struggling over the last ten months to find his footing.

On the other side, Van Heerden discusses how he’s competed in slap fighting before in South Africa. The 36-year-old reflected on the 2018 murder of his father and how that changed his life and the life of his fiancée and children.

At the official weigh-ins, Van Heerden weighed in at 344 pounds and Boone weighed in at 296 pounds.

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Boone won the coin toss and chose to strike with his right on three. He didn’t land clean and was given a clubbing foul, but to make matters worse, Van Heerden reacted by using his jersey to wipe his mouth as if it was a napkin. The taunt plus the clubbing put Boone in a bad space heading into Van Heerden’s strike.

Van Heerden also went with a right strike on three, but his strike was clean and made Boone lean up against the striker podium to balance. It was clear that the strike dazed Boone, but he recovered and delivered his second strike. This one was clean, but it came with another eating taunt from Van Heerden.

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