Arman Tsarukyan: ‘It’s A Young Wolf Versus An Old Wolf’

Tsarukyan wasn’t thrilled that the bout kept getting pushed back, but he is happy that the UFC gave such an important fight the spotlight it deserves. He also believes that the extra two rounds will benefit his style and allows him to approach the fight with a little more patience.

“To be honest, I like five rounds because you don’t need to rush or do something crazy,” Tsarukyan said. “You can start very slow, and you have a lot of time to finish your opponent. I believe my conditioning is better and I’ll finish him.”

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One thing that makes Tsarukyan a unique matchup for anyone, even Dariush, is his well-rounded skill set. He can do it all, and he has the confidence to back it up. He’s seen Dariush as someone at the top for quite a while and sees himself as the new breed of contender.

“I’m the best young fighter in our division, and Beneil has more than 20 fights in UFC, and he has a lot of experience,” Tsarukyan said. “It’s a young wolf versus an old wolf and we’re going to see who wins.”

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