Mac Daddy! McGregor Welcomes Baby #4

Conor McGregor and his longtime partner Dee Devlin have welcomed their fourth child into the world.

“Another chunky healthy boy into the world,” McGregor wrote on Instagram, sharing a series of photos from immediately after the birth. “Dee you are my hero.”

The baby boy was born on Thursday November 30th around 6PM in Dublin, Ireland. That’s when Conor tweet-and-deleted an initial excited announcement.

“My baby boy is born!” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “Mammy and baby doing amazing, 8.1lbs of prime Irish double champion beef!”

We have no word on what the baby’s name is yet. His other three children are named Conor Jr, Croia and Rian.

McGregor is hoping to return to competition in the cage sometime in 2024, although there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding his comeback fight. He’s been champing at the bit to fight again, pushing for a December 2023 comeback. UFC 300 in April makes a lot of sense, but the UFC seems reluctant to book him then. The last word we heard from his coach had July 2024 (International Fight Week) as the promotion’s target.

That’s seven whole months away, just two less than it takes to birth a whole damn baby. No wonder Conor appreciates Dee so much.

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