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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to “The Lone Star State” by way of the UFC Austin mixed martial arts (MMA) event, which takes place TONIGHT (Sat., Dec. 2, 2023) LIVE on both ESPN and ESPN+ from inside Moody Center in Austin, Texas. UFC Austin will be headlined by the 155-pound showdown between Top 10-ranked lightweight contenders Beneil Dariush and Arman Tsarukyan, who battle for a potential shot at the division crown early next year. In UFC Austin’s co-headliner, Jalin Turner steps in for the injured Dan Hooker to battle lightweight “King” Bobby Green. Rob Font, Deiveson Figueiredo, Sean Brady and Kelvin Gastelum will also see violence in tonight’s UFC Austin lineup. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Austin fight card below, starting with the ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 4 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN/ESPN+ main card start time at 7 p.m. ET. Bet on all the UFC Austin action with our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook right here.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Dariush vs. Tsarukyan.” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Austin results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action).


Beneil Dariush vs. Arman Tsarukyan
Bobby Green vs. Jalin Turner
Rob Font vs. Deiveson Figueiredo
Sean Brady vs. Kelvin Gastelum — Brady def. Gastelum by submission (kimura) at 1:43 of Round Three
Clay Guida vs. Joaquim Silva — Silva def. Guida by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Punahele Soriano vs. Dustin Stoltzfus — Stoltzfus def. Soriano by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:10 of Round Two
Miesha Tate vs. Julia Avila — Tate def. Avila by submission (neck crank) at 1:15 of Round Three — HIGHLIGHTS!
Cody Brundage vs. Zachary Reese — Brundage def. Reese by KO (slam) at 1:49 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS!
Drakkar Klose vs. Joe Solecki — Klose def. Solecki by KO (slam) at 1:41 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS!
Rodolfo Bellato vs. Ihor Potieria — Bellato def. Potieria by TKO (punches) at 4:17 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS!
Jared Gooden vs. Wellington Turman — Gooden def. Turman by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:11 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS!
Veronica Hardy vs. Jamey-Lyn Horth — Hardy def. Horth by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)


155 lbs.: Beneil Dariush vs. Arman Tsarukyan

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Final result:

155 lbs.: Bobby Green vs. Jalin Turner

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Final result:

135 lbs.: Rob Font vs. Deiveson Figueiredo

Round 1: Font pushing forward, Figueiredo circling. 1-2-1 from Font. They tie up briefly, then separate a minute in. Nice reactive takedown by Figueiredo, great scramble by Font to immediately stand. Jab from Font. 2-3 from Figueiredo two minutes in. Figueiredo again catches him coming in with a clean takedown attempt, again Font immediately works to his feet. They separate. Solid jab by Font. Figueiredo low kick. Two minutes to go.

1-2 from Font, who ducks a left hook and grabs a body lock. Big lift, can’t complete it and Figueiredo wriggles free. Font continuing to stalk behind the jab. Both swing big, neither lands clean. Jab catches Font coming in and wobbles him. Figueiredo follows with a heavy right hand, but Font takes it and gets his wits back with a minute to go. Figueiredo shoots, settles for putting him on the fence for a moment before separating. Glancing overhand right by Figueiredo, then a left hook after absorbing a jab. Another counter jab briefly takes out Font’s legs. Leg kick at the bell. 10-9 Figueiredo.

Round 2: Figueiredo grabs an early body lock and puts him on the fence. No dice on a foot sweep. One minute in. Knee to the body strays low. Figueiredo charges in when they resume and they trade punches. Elbow and uppercut from Font inside, Figueiredo blasts him with his own uppercut on the counter. Solid takedown defense by Font, who eats a heavy lead right two minutes in. Figueiredo’s not landing a ton but everything he lands is hurting Font. Font low kick, Figueiredo straight right, Font combo. Font walks into a counter right. Slick single-leg puts Figueiredo on top in half guard with two minutes to go.

Font quickly scrambles up, eating an elbow on the break. Figueiredo keeping his distance. 2-1 by Font. Lead uppercut by Figueiredo, who eats a stiff jab with a minute to go. Brief clinch against the fence. Font chasing, falling short with his punches. Heavy two-piece by Figueiredo, then a pair of straight lefts. Might have stolen the round for him. 10-9 Figueiredo.

Round 3:

Final result:

170 lbs.: Sean Brady vs. Kelvin Gastelum

Round 1: Gastelum on the front foot early. Quick low kick. Brady avoids an overhand left and ties up. Trading short shots as they move around the cage. Brady completes a takedown and immediately looks for the back, slipping in both hooks when Gastelum tries to roll. One minute in. Gastelum fighting the hands. Body triangle by Brady. Gastelum times his explosion well and slips free of the hooks, settling on top and dropping punches. Brady works his way up two minutes in and Gastelum separates. Gastelum drops to a knee after an exchange from something; maybe a well-timed jab. Lead right by Brady. Two minutes to go.

Brady hits another well-timed takedown and immediately takes the back. One hook in as Gastelum scoots to the fence. Short shots from Brady, alternating between striking and threatening the choke. Gastelum stands with a minute to go and Brady kicks out his base to immediately return to the prior position. Gastelum trying to scramble, gives up both hooks. 10-9 Brady.

Round 2: Gastelum back on the front foot. Low kicks answered in kind. Brady times a telegraphed one to take him down into half guard. Brady staying heavy, landing arm punches. Nearly to mount a minute in, settles for retaining half guard. Potential arm triangle setup. He abandons it and takes mount. Gastelum turns and Brady looks for his back two minutes in. Gastelum looking helpless on the mat and he gives up mount again. Briefly to the back, back to mount. Two minutes to go.

Gastelum gives up the back again, tries to explode after getting a bit of space, and Brady spins from the front headlock to the back again. One hook at the base of the fence. Left hands from Brady. Low mount on a seated Gastelum with a minute to go. Short punches. Brady looks for the back, gets it. 10-9 Brady.

Round 3: Counter jab dings Gastelum, who has no defense for Brady’s next double-leg. Brady smothering him from half guard, moves to mount a minute in with a locked-in arm triangle. No dice, so he switches to a kimura, thumping Gastelum’s body a few times before committing to it. He wrenches Gastelum’s arm to an alarming angle before Gastelum finally taps.

Final result: Brady def. Gastelum by submission (kimura)

155 lbs.: Clay Guida vs. Joaquim Silva

Round 1: Guida bouncy as always, throwing out half-committal jabs as he advances. Low kicks a minute in. Silva sprawls on a shot. Left hook from Guida, three-piece falls short. Silva tries a head kick. Left hook met by a Guida low kick. Silva straight right, Guida falls short with flurries two minutes in. Lots of movement but no clean connections from either man yet. There’s a swatting hook from Guida as he flurries. Two minutes to go.

Glancing left hook from Silva. Overhand right from Guida briefly drops Silva, who pops back up and retreats. Heavy counter uppercut from Silva and now Guida’s hurt. Silva sprawls on a desperation shot and hammers away from back turtle. Guida absorbs a couple down shots on the way up, then a pair of vicious elbows before shooting with a minute to go. Silva sprawls on it and presses him against the fence. Guida reverses and changes levels, briefly completing a takedown. 10-9 Silva.

Round 2: Guida still advancing but looking a bit more cautious. Flurries falling short, 2-3 from Silva in return. Guida lands a body kick and an overhand right before taking Silva down against the fence. Silva quickly stands and snaps Guida down with a front headlock, settling in side control. Guida makes it to his feet, where he eats some big body shots and a crushing knee before backing Silva off with a thudding overhand right. Guida on the attack and he walks through a well-timed knee to hit a takedown. Silva’s waiting with a guillotine, but Guida slams his way out after multiple attempts and grabs a body lock as Silva works his way up. Guida has his hands locked but struggling to finish. Two minutes to go.

Guida tries a single-leg, can’t complete it. A double-leg proves more successful, but again Silva immediately gets to his feet. He breaks Guida’s grip, only for Guida to change levels once again and hit a high-amplitude double-leg with a minute to go. Silva stands again, Guida continues to grind against the fence. Silva lands some Travis Browne elbows before the bell. 10-9 Guida.

Round 3: Stiff jab from Silva as Guida continues his pursuit. Silva gets told off for extended fingers. 1-3 lands for him when they resume. Low kick by Guida, body kick by Silva. More snap kicks from Silva a minute in. Continuing to land to the body, then switches it up with a clean head kick that Guida shakes off. Guida shoots, denied, walks into another uppercut. Two minutes in. Silva continues to send out those left front kicks to the body, falls short with an overhand right, cracks him with a 2-3. Flying knee falls short. All Silva at range this round. Guida shoots under a left hook and hauls him to the fence. Strong sprawl from Silva with two minutes to go.

Guida drives through into a potential single-leg as Silva holds the front headlock. Silva snaps him down once, then twice. He stands and they trade at close range against the fence. One minute to go. Silva wrenches him down again with the front headlock and tries to jump guillotine. He’s not successful, but he does manage to wrench Guida down and settle in top half guard. Guida scrambles up and tries to land some dirty boxing in the final seconds. 10-9 Silva.

Final result: Silva def. Guida by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Punahele Soriano vs. Dustin Stoltzfus

Round 1: Stoltzfus with some light front kicks to start. They exchange and neitehr lands clean until Soriano buzzes Stoltzfus with a 2-3. Knee from Stoltzfus in return, then more front kicks. Body kick from Soriano, groin kick from Stoltzfus. Soriano doesn’t take long to recover. Stoltzfus goes back to the body kicks when they resume. One minute in. Soriano trying to counter. He denies a takedown and lands an overhand left. Both land right hands, 1-2 from Soriano. Stoltzfus low kick two minutes in. Soriano falling short with most of his power shots. There’s a body kick from him answered in kind. Counter flurry from Stoltzfus, who hauls Soriano to the fence. They separate soon after. Two minutes to go.

Both land body kicks. Hard lead right from Stoltzfus, who walks into a brutal overhand left but takes it well. More kicks from Stoltzfus, counter left by Soriano. They trade and a right hook buzzes Stoltzfus with a minute to go. Stoltzfus changes levels, gets the body lock, and hits a nice takedown. Looking for the back as Soriano stands. Soriano avoids an elbow on the break, then cracks Stoltzfus with a counter left. Another straight left by Soriano. Both land good lefts in center cage. Stoltzfus drops him with a straight right at the bell. 10-9 Stoltzfus.

Round 2: Stoltzfus goes back to the long kicks. Hard leg kick by Soriano, who avoids a combo. Stoltzfus tries a spinning back kick. Counter left by Soriano. Quick oblique kicks from Stoltzfus. One minute in. Soriano body kick. Stoltzfus keeping him at bay with the constant kicks and avoiding most of the counters. Combo from Soriano two minutes in. Body kick and right hand land for Stoltzfus, who avoids a straight left and hits that same takedown as in the first. One hook in as Soriano stands, loses it. Good work kicking out Soriano’s base with two minutes to go.

Soriano breaks his grip, but gets taken down trying to slug it out. Stoltzfus secures both hook this time and quickly secures the RNC. Soriano toughes it out initially, but is forced to tap.

Final result: Stoltzfus def. Soriano by submission (Rear naked choke)

135 lbs.: Miesha Tate vs. Julia Avila

Round 1: Tate looks for a takedown in the opening seconds, taking Avila to the fence and tripping her into half guard. Quick move to side control, potentially in Von Flue position. One minute in. Avila lets go of the headlock. Tate staying tight as Avila tries to use the fence to force a scramble. Avila turns and Tate immediately slips in a hook, hunting the RNC. Nasty neck crank attempt two minutes in, loses it. Short right hands, then on to mount. Avila gives up her back again with two minutes to go.

Tate gets the body triangle and swats away with hammerfists and elbows. Continuing to soften Avila up. One minute to go. Hard elbows from Tate as she switches back to mount. She briefly considers an armbar in the final seconds but decides against it. 10-8 Tate.

Round 2: Avila tries to keep Tate at bay with early flurries, but gives up another easy takedown. Again she tried a fruitless guillotine on the way down and this time Tate clamps down on the Von Flue. One minute in. Tate loses it and Avila regains guard. Avila tries to invert and throw hammerfists from her back as Tate grabs the fence half a dozen times. Heavy hammerfists from Tate two minutes in. Avila trying to strike off her back to no avail. Two minutes to go.

Tate playing tight on top, landing sporadic punches. She takes mount with a minute to go and postures up to drop punches. Quick transition to Avila’s back when “Raging Panda” tries to explode. 10-9 Tate.

Round 3: Tate doesn’t even bother setting up the next takedown, just blasting through to drag Avila to the mat once again. Avila stands, then immediately gets tripped again. Tate quickly takes her back and wraps up a neck crank that has Avila frantically tapping. Avila motions to her mouth afterwards; not sure if she bit her tongue or cheek there.

Final result: Tate def. Avila by submission (neck crank) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

185 lbs.: Cody Brundage vs. Zachary Reese

Round 1: They slug it out in the center to start the round, Brundage capping the exchange with a clean overhand right. Brundage slips, but turns it into a takedown into guard. Reese wraps up a Mir lock, but has to abandon it. Heavy upkick a minute in. Brundage trying to open up with strikes from the top. Reese locks up a lightning-quick triangle, but just when it seems like Brundage has once again thrown away a winnable fight, Brundage heaves him into the air and violently slams him to the mat. Reese is out on impact, but Brundage leaves no room for ambiguity with some murderous punches before the ref steps in.

Final result: Brundage def. Reese by KO (slam) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

155 lbs.: Drakkar Klose vs. Joe Solecki

Round 1: Solecki changes levels as Klose fires a low kick, ultimately muscling him down into half guard at the base of the fence. Already looking for the back, Klose denies it. He rushes the next back take and Klose rolls into top guard a minute in. Short slam by Klose as Solecki looks for wrist control. Solecki turns for an armbar and Klose decides that if slamming him worked once, it’ll work again. Solecki hits the mat temple-first and instantly goes limp, giving Klose a cartoonishly violent knockout win.

Final result: Klose def. Solecki by KO (slam) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

205 lbs.: Rodolfo Bellato vs. Ihor Potieria

Round 1: Bellato orthodox, Potieria southpaw. Low kick from Potieria as he gives ground. They trade and Bellato cracks him with a right cross before eating a long left and low kick. Bellato feints punches and changes levels, can’t find the foot sweep a minute in. 1-2 from Potieria. Body kick. Body kick from Bellato soon after. Both swing big, neither lands clean. Potieria low kick and lead left, then a body shot. 1-2 stings Bellato, who continues to march forward. Big exchange two minutes in. Counter right hand has Potieria backing up. Body and low kicks from Potieria in return. Step-in knee. Bellato puts him on the fence with two minutes to go.

Bellato fires a knee directly into Potieria’s ball bag, prompting a pause. Potieria takes a little over a minute to recover and the ref resets them at a distance. Bellato trying to up the pressure, whiffs on a jump knee. Potieria taunts in response and lands a slick 1-2-3. His fluidity and volume are giving Bellato hell so far. Bellato puts him back on the fence. Heavy knee and right hook on the exit. Bellato re-enters and blasts Potieria with an elbow, then just stands there as Potieria bounces about a dozen punches off his chin. Now Bellato re-enters with brutal elbows, one of which visibly hurts Potieria. Solid knee by Bellato to end the round. 10-9 Potieria.

Round 2: Potieria firing volume as Bellato wades forward. Hard knee by Bellato, then a cracking elbow against the fence. Counter elbow by Potieria, then a right hook that finally cracks Bellato’s chin. Potieria hammering him with vicious shots as the Brazilian wobbles to the mat. He briefly considers a ninja choke, then clobbers him from guard for a solid 20 seconds. Somehow Bellato manages to survive until Potieria takes his foot off the gas. Potieria takes a bit to get his wind back, then unleashes another storm of hammerfists. Bellato considering an armbar. Thudding left hands by Potieira. Bellato somehow manages to power his way back to his feet and attempt a single-leg. Potieria running on fumes but still landing heat. Bellato taunts him and looks for another single-leg. Two minutes to go.

Bellato manages to complete it and land on top in half guard. Nasty elbows from Bellato. He worms his leg free and moves into mount, immediately posturing up to unload. He’s playing the bongos on Potieria’s face. He unleashes nonstop punches for what seems like 30 seconds until the ref finally steps in, somehow topping the last fight as one of the craziest comebacks you will ever see.

Final result: Bellato def. Potieria by TKO (punches) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

170 lbs.: Jared Gooden vs. Wellington Turman

Round 1: Gooden on the front foot but getting caught on the way in. Hard 1-2 by Turman, then another combo behind it. Both land low kicks a minute in. Gooden leads to the body. 1-2 from Turman lands again; Gooden’s chin is there for the taking. Turman front kick, Gooden double jab. They trade low kicks. Two minutes in. Shovel hook by Turman. Gooden comes back with a left hook and body shot, then gets blasted with a 2-3. Another big right from Turman and a flying knee behind it. Gooden to the body; those and the low kicks are his best shots so far. Two-piece by Turman upstairs. Two minutes to go.

Both men potshotting in center cage, then Turman changes levels and gets impressive altitude on a high-crotch before dumping Gooden down into half guard. Staying tight on top. One minute to go. Turman continues chips away, then threatens a guillotine as Gooden tries to sit up. Turman loses it and retakes half guard, landing solid elbows until the bell. 10-9 Turman.

Round 2:Nasty left hook from Turman rattles Gooden, who rallies to fire back. Turman continues to piece him up, but gets absolutely blasted by a left hook that takes his legs out. Turman desperately huts for a takedown as Gooden tees off, but it’s Gooden who hip tosses him right into mount. Murderous elbows from Gooden force Turman to give up his back, where Gooden swiftly chokes him out for the comeback win.

Final result: Gooden def. Turman by submission (rear naked choke) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

125 lbs.: Veronica Hardy vs. Jamey-Lyn Horth

Round 1: Horth switching stance, Hardy staying southpaw in the early going. Horth slips on a body kick and gets popped with a jab on the way up. One minute in. Hardy falling short with her punches so far as she circles and potshots. Solid body kick. Inside low kick answered in kind. Two minutes in. Hardy catches a kick but can’t find the counter. Solid counter left to answer a Horth body kick. Left to the body, then a quick flurry against the fence with two minutes to go.

Stiff jab catches Horth on one leg and briefly knocks her off-balance. Horth low kick but she gets dropped with a 1-2 immediately after. Back up she pops. Hardy counters a kick and punches into the clinch, where Horth complains of an eye poke a minute in. Elbow from Horth on the exit, then a pause to deal with her eye. Seems like she might be wearing contacts. Horth comes out slinging body kicks when they resume. Counter left by Hardy. 10-9 Hardy.

Round 2: Body kick from Hardy after falling short with punching combos. Hard body kick by Horth. One minute in. 1-2-body kick falls short for Hardy, as does a 1-1-2 behind it. Horth struggling to cut off the cage. Low kick lands for her. Hardy goes in-and-out with a combo. Two minutes in. Hardy catches a body kick and uses it to take her down into half butterfly guard. Hardy lifts her up, presumably to pass the guard, but Horth uses the opportunity to get her feet under her and put Hardy on the fence. Short knees from Horth. Hardy reverses and they jockey for position. Two minutes to go.

More short knees by Horth. Hardy tries an inside trip, nothing there, then lands a 3-2 on the break. Horth muscles her to the fence again and tries to muscle Hardy down, producing a scramble that nearly ends with Hardy on Horth’s back before Horth settles on top in guard. One minute to go. Short punches from Horth. Hardy fires upkicks, landing at least one solid one before Horth comes back down into guard. 10-9 Horth.

Round 3: 1-2 from Hardy to start the round. Head kick falls short. Horth low kick. Hardy steps in with a flurry and gets backed off by a short right from Horth. Horth answers a 1-2 with an elbow a minute in. Solid body kick from Hardy, Horth catches it but can’t use it. Horth elbows her way into the clinch, gets reversed against the fence, reverses in turn. Two minutes in. Short knees from Horth. Both land well on the break. Counter right by Horth to answer a low kick. Horth punches into the clinch again and knees the body. Two minutes to go.

Elbows from Horth, punches from Hardy. Hardy breaks her grip and separates. She fires a low kick and slips, but manages to scoot away and stand before Horth can capitalize. Horth ties up and puts her on the fence again. Good trip attempt, better defense by Hardy. Fighting for position against the fence. Horth goes for another takedown and Hardy counters to land on top, but can’t hold her down. They slug it out at close range until the bell. 10-9 Horth; comes down to how they scored a very close second.

Final result: Hardy def. Horth by split decision

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