Sean Brady Looks To End 2023 On A High Note

“It’s funny, I put so much pressure on myself before I lost that I thought that whenever I did lose, if I happened to, that the world was going to end and it was going to be the worst thing that ever happened to me,” said Brady. “And yeah, don’t get me wrong, it sucked to lose, but I lost because I beat myself mentally in that fight. I kind of quit on myself when things weren’t going my way, even when, looking back, I was fighting a really good fight. I should have just stayed the course I did, but I lost. It happened. But when it was over with, I realized that, hey, it’s not the end of the world and, no matter what, my family’s still going to love me. And that actually is very freeing to know I can go out there and really fight the way I want to fight and whatever happens, happens, instead of being so concerned with just not losing my undefeated record. So now I feel like I can truly go out there and show the fans and the company and everybody who I truly am.”

Order UFC 296: Edwards vs Covington

That’s not a pleasant prospect for anyone who has to meet Brady in the middle of the Octagon, but I get the feeling that Gastelum, who is making his return to 170 pounds after a long stint at middleweight, is down for a dogfight if what’s expected to happen does happen in Austin on Saturday. And Brady feels the same way.

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