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In an interesting departure from the normal “my-clique-hates-your-clique” or professional wrestling promotional silliness that surrounds the influencer boxing scene, two of the biggest YouTubers out there — KSI and Speed — will hook ‘em up tonight (Fri., Dec. 15, 2023) in an undisclosed location in London, England, to settle their “beef.”

And, of course, to counter program his rival, Jake Paul.

Nevertheless, it has been a friendly, low-key buildup thus far, with proceeds from “The Spar” benefitting the Anthony Walker Foundation, a United Kingdom-based charity formed 17 years ago to, “eradicate racism, hate and discrimination”.

With all that said, will be covering the event, which streams for free on YouTube, beginning later this evening at 11 p.m. ET.

As for the undercard? We don’t need no stinking undercard. There’s none announced — just the two big names in the streaming business. It’s worth noting how many people actually do watch these two folks do their full-time job. For example, just on the YouTube platform alone, KSI has 24.1 million subscribers, while Speed clocks in (get it?) at 21 million.

Details — such as how many rounds this is going to go and whatnot — haven’t been made publicly available (yet), so Mania coverage will be going into this right alongside everyone else. But, really, there’s no anger or angst involved in this venture by the two streamers, who by all rights appear to be decent friends.

Everyone is here to have some fun and raise money for a good cause.

Remember moments ago how I was talking about how the buildup for this hasn’t been a bunch of aggro nonsense? This is the fun, bantering promotional stuff that’s been here for the buildup of this match, in which KSI showed up at Speed’s home in Miami, Fla., to challenge him in a game of FC 24 for $50,000:

KSI Vs. Speed Play-By-Play Results:

Mild technical difficulties before we start as they fix the mic. KSI in black, Speed in red. Speed warming up with a heavy bag as KSI talks shit in the background. Kinda deserved as Speed looks uh… unseasoned, shall we say. Speed realizing he is probably going to get physically trolled by someone that has actually trained a little bit in something he hasn’t is kind of funny, honestly. At his expense, anyway.

Speed psyching himself up to finally get in the ring. And we’re underway!

Round one: Ksi takes center-ring and is content to just slowly work forward and make Speed get on his bike. Nice and light engagement so far. A few punches here and there, but not a lot until Speed bounces off the ropes with about 20 seconds left in the round directly into a big shot to the ribs. He’s down and moaning.

Round two: We’ve got some guy interviewing the men in between rounds, and Speed is mad, but KSI is rightfully enjoying himself here. KSI bouncing around in a karate-like stance here. Hands completely down, turned on sideways. Speed slips and nearly falls out of the ring. Poor Speed is not enjoying himself here, having obviously bit off more than he can chew. KSI twerking, trolling, waiting for an opening. Speed finally engages and throws a bit. KSI corners him and beats up the body. Speed actually throws and lands a nice left hook. Then he does his impression of a body bag and gets worked.

Round three: KSI gives Speed a bit of props for the heart he has in not just giving up, when by all rights, he probably could after getting hammered already. KSI takes off the headgear, as he is clearly unfazed by the novices strikes. KSI letting Speed hit him around the guard and yell at him for a while. He’s basically pretending to be an ogre and stalk poor Speed for the first part of the round. Someone in the corner said 30 seconds to go and KSI took that as his cue to actually throw a punch this round. And he just obliterates the poor lad. Big flurry to mostly the body sends Speed down to the mat. He’s on his arms and knees.

Round four: The between-round interviewer is showing Speed some social posts of people trying to be nice to him, crediting his cardio and heart. KSI back to the floaty stance, he’s almost doing jumping jacks. Overhand by Speed, shovel hook to the body by KSI. Speed turning his back now and KSI tapping him on the back. I think Speed may have had enough. KSI trying to soup up Speed now. He gathers his breath and starts swinging mightily at KSI now. KSI trolling the shit outta him. KSI says “my turn” and Speed literally ducks out of the ring ropes.

Round five: This may not be a boxing match (it’s officially a spar for charity), but man, it’s kinda funny seeing someone talk too much at someone above their level. The reverse of this would be like if KSI got in the ring with Canelo or someone. Speed sitting down now, KSI brings over a bottle of Prime to troll more. KSI has decided not to beat up the guy anymore and taps out, as Speed won’t quit. Speed kinda pissed off about this, legitimately in or close to tears.

Final result: KSI beat the stuffing out of Speed whenever he wanted to. Speed didn’t want to give up, so KSI gave him a mercy tap out after round 4

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