Andre Fili Chasing Consistency

If you’ve watched Fili compete for any length of time, it’s evident that when he finds that flow and lets it rip, he can beat any featherweight in the world on any given night. But finding that happy place has been a struggle at times, and even when he does, he’s been on the wrong side of close or controversial decisions, or completely nullified by an opponent’s game plan. That’s the fight game, and yeah, it hurts, but Fili isn’t bitter.

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“Yeah, they’re playing the game of fighting, but they’re not actually in a fistfight,” he said. “And there’s a couple of decisions in there that I think I won, there’s certain things in the fights that I go back and I watch and I go, ‘I could have done that better.’ I’m not going to go back and harp on things, but there’s definitely fights that didn’t go my way and I think should have. I think that Nathaniel Wood fight was close, but I think I did enough. I dropped him twice. I’ve never met another person that thinks that Michael Johnson won the fight that we had. And so there’s these fights I can go back and point to, and that’s not a knock to any of the guys I fought. They’re doing their job, I’m doing mine. But there’s a couple fights that I think probably should have gone my way that would make my record look a little prettier. And then there’s other fights like Bryce Mitchell. I like Bryce Mitchell, he’s a good guy, nothing bad to say about him, and he won that fight, but if you look at the way both of us look at the end of the fight, it looks like he’d just been through a horror movie, and it looked like I had just done my warmup. And again, that’s not a knock on him; it’s my fault for not turning it up.”

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