Midnight Mania! Belal Is Next, Because ‘Leon’s Opinion Doesn’t Matter’

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UFC Welterweight champion Leon Edwards has never expressed any interest in rematching Belal Muhammad. The two squared off in March 2021, and Edwards dominated the first round before an eye poke early in the second ended the bout as a “No Contest.” “Rocky” must feel satisfied with that early success, even if most of 20 minutes still remained on the clock.

After his successful title defense over Colby Covington at UFC 296, Edwards would rather jump weight classes next for a more marketable super fight than fight “Bully” again. Alternatively, his team would rather see him fight Gilbert Burns next … even though that’s the man Muhammad last beat back in May!

Muhammad, who currently rides a 10-fight unbeaten streak, is clearly a deserving contender in terms of merit, and his five-round win over “Durinho” was supposed to officially secure him a shot at gold. In his response to the latest dismissal from Team Edwards, Muhammad has revealed he’s been promised the next shot by UFC CEO Dana White.

He also thinks Edwards’ disinterest has him looking fearful.

Leon’s opinion doesn’t matter … his coach doesn’t matter … the only person I care about is Dana and he gave me his word … that’s all that matters … we’re next and the fact that they’re showing fear only gives me more confidence … you should be afraid

Given Shavkat Rakhmonov’s ankle injury, there’s really no other obvious alternative for Edwards’ next title defense. 155-pound king Islam Makhachev wants his own super fight opportunity, but there are plenty of elite Lightweight contenders waiting their shot at his crown too. So, while Muhammad seems like the logical move, fighters have certainly been burned off promises for more marketable fights in the past.

UFC 300 is fast-approaching.


An adjustment to the first UFC event of 2024:

Chronically online folks are upset about Charles Oliveira’s belt promotion because Muay Thai traditionally doesn’t award belts in Thailand, but … plenty of Brazilian gyms do! Who cares?!? Good for “Do Bronx.”

If UFC doesn’t (rightfully) force Tony Ferguson into retirement, this feels like the match up to make. Or maybe Jim Miller at UFC 300?

Kazakhstan loves Shavkat Rakhmonov! Sure looks like star potential to me.

On one hand, this was a really poor idea that probably ruined this dude’s life. On the other, it was a pretty decent Jorge Masvidal impression.

Sparring Ilia Topuria looks like a miserable proposition.

Wrestling legend (both kinds!) Kurt Angle reacts to a new meme.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Pre-fight injury or just a couple insanely hard low kicks? Impossible to say.

Shane Campbell’s UFC career didn’t go great, but “Shaolin” always had some slick stand up.

Showed the left to load up the right.

Random Land

Extreme sports for a cause.

Midnight Music: Ballad, 1960

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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