Video! Plump Pimblett Downs Sandwich While Trashing Logan Paul

Paddy Pimblett has heard enough about his ongoing feud with Logan Paul and is willing to fight the social media superstar tomorrow in order to prove he can’t fight.

The bad blood between Pimblett and Paul go all the way back to 2022 when Paul suggested he could make his UFC debut against the talented English fighter. Paul’s callout came after Pimblett’s second Octagon appearance, but “Baddy” has gone on to win three more UFC fights, including a recent decision victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 296. The two have forged a feud ever since.

Pimblett has even gone after Jake Paul and had promised to “assault him” at UFC 282 back in Dec. 2022.

Earlier this week, Pimblett made an appearance on the Happy Endings podcast and was asked if his bad blood with Paul was real. Paul made another fight challenge to Pimblett this past summer and still seems convinced he can beat “Baddy” in a real fight, so Pimblett is eager to prove him wrong.

“If he saw me in person he’d probably lick my ass, wouldn’t he?” asked Pimblett. “If he saw me in person he’d lick my ass. He’d want a picture.

“I’d fight him tomorrow. He’s not about the fighter’s life. People think Logan can wrestle because he wrestled in high school. This is real life now.”

Paul, who has ventured into the world of boxing and professional wrestling over the past few years, did wrestle in high school and was actually quite good in his home state of Ohio. Still, he’s never competed in professional mixed martial arts (MMA) and would find it very difficult to deal with a fighter like Pimblett, who is the smaller man when he isn’t stuffing his face with sandwiches.

Thoughts? How would a Pimblett vs. Paul fight actually play out?

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