Video: Strickland ‘Shot Right In The Face’ During ‘Roman Candle War’

Sean Strickland shocked a lot of fans by opening up on a recent Theo Von podcast, allowing himself to feel all the feels as he spoke about the physical and mental abuse he suffered as a child. There were some tears, and there was some processing. Are we witnessing the emotional growth of “Tarzan” in real time?

Maybe, but that doesn’t mean Strickland isn’t still one of the craziest, most irresponsible fighters on the roster. A new video from Nina-Marie Daniele brings Sean back into his comfort zone: shooting things and blowing s— up.

Sean and the gang spent New Years Eve in the Las Vegas desert filming a ‘Jackass’ style stunt, launch hundreds of roman candle fireworks at each other. Please remember that Sean Strickland is supposed to fight Dricus Du Plessis in just a few weeks at UFC 297 on Jan. 19, 2024.

Hey, at least “Tarzan” wore eye protection. That’s lucky for him because at one point in the video he complains about taking a firework directly to the face.

According to Nina-Marie, they had 196 roman candles, each with three shots, for a total of 588 fireworks fired. By the end everyone has burn marks over their body, and it was all in good fun … until someone almost fragged the whole party.

“Why would anyone with a brain do this? I don’t know,” Daniele said about the event. “Was it fun? Hell yes. That was fun as f—. Did we get hurt? We absolutely got hurt. Everyone got burned.”

“I got burned. I got shot in the ass. I got burn marks on my jeans straight to my f—ing glute, bro. Sean got burnt the most because he decided to play shirts vs skins and he was the only one with no shirt on. Doesn’t make sense but that’s Sean for you.”

The video cuts off abruptly due to someone dropping a much larger live firework at everyone’s feet. In the mad dash that ensued, Daniele’s cameraman wiped out in a ditch. Everyone was ‘okay’ in the end, and we’re sure this won’t be the last WTF moment from Strickland as he heads into his first middleweight title defense in Toronto. Let’s hope no one loses an eye on the way there.

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