Much Ado About Mohamed | UFC FIGHT PASS

“It’s hard; it was really long days, especially during the last camp,” he said of fitting school, training, and work into his days. “This one is a little bit better because it’s last minute, so I don’t have to commit to doing those long days as long (this time).

“Some things had to be sacrificed more than others – like school would be left out more — but it had to be done.”

Perhaps the thing that best explains why folks are so high on Ado as a fighter to watch heading into Friday’s clash with Chapman is his reasoning when asked why he opted to pursue mixed martial arts rather than professional wrestling, which, for him, like so many of us, was his original starting point.

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“It doesn’t depend on the effort you put in, and that’s the part I don’t really like,” he said of professional wrestling, where greater workers with all the requisite skills and abilities are still at the mercy of higher-ups deciding who to push and who not to push. “With MMA, I know that as long as I’m putting in the effort, as long as I’m doing the job, it’s going to be up to whatever I decide to do, what I decide to apply from what I learn in training camp.

“I’m more comfortable with things being on my shoulders,” he added. “It depends on what I do and not what someone else does.”

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