Episode 10 Recap | Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

Belisle believes Blakesslee is insecure and his focus isn’t there, even saying that his foe’s debut was “pathetic.” At the weigh-ins, Belisle didn’t hold back on his trash talk, setting the matchup to be very heated.

Blakesslee won the coin toss and elected to strike first, with his right hand on three. Blakesslee clubbed on the strike, and it prompted Belisle to start the mental warfare before his own strike. He let Blakesslee know it was his turn and that his strike was going to be much more effective.

Belisle went left on three and landed a perfect strike that turned Blakesslee to the side. The body language didn’t look good and there was no verbal confirmation from Blakesslee that the strike didn’t hurt him. He recovered, but it was clear that Belisle’s first strike was a good one.

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But Blakesslee bounced-back in a big way in round two. He landed a great strike that dropped Belisle to the stage floor. Belisle got up before the ten count and recovered, but boy, oh boy, was it a great strike from Blakesslee. Belisle’s second strike looked exactly like his first one. It was right on the money and turned Blakesslee to the side, but once again, he ate it.

With the match likely coming down the third round, Blakesslee built off his round two success, striking Belisle with a devastating slap that sent Belisle to the ground. Belisle wasn’t able to get back up and it went down as a KO for Blakesslee. It was a great performance from Blakesslee and showed that he was able to step up on short notice and continue to evolve his game. He’ll show that next step when he competes at Power Slap 6.

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