Charles Jourdain: Fighting For More Than Himself

“Every time I have a good striking exchange, [my opponents] unfortunately try to take me down, so I’m not discarding that possibility of taking me down,” Jourdain said. “He seems like a game man. He’s 5-1 in the UFC, which is very difficult to do. I’m happy I got a guy like that to fight in Canada. It’s going to be a good old cowboy fight; I hit you, you hit me, and one of us will go down.

“I’m going to be the one to have my hand raised because of the strategy we’re going to apply,” Jourdain said. “I think martial arts will overcome [Woodson’s] reach advantage and size. I’m very confident with this type of build. I have a tall guy who wants to strike, which is the perfect matchup for me. My jiu-jitsu is deadly, I can guillotine you if you try to go to the ground, and if you stay standing up, I’ll find your chin pretty quick.”

Jourdain told that as nice as another win would be financially, the goal this Saturday is to inspire young mixed martial artists watching in Scotiabank Arena or on their televisions to pursue their dreams just like he did over 10 years ago, when he won his first amateur fight.

 “I’m not just fighting for myself, I’m fighting for the young ones,” Jourdain said. “I’m becoming less self-centered with my journey; it’s more for others now. I feel accomplished as a young man, and now it’s about what I can give to the young ones.”

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