Episode 11 Recap | Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

“What a way to cap off the competition,” White said. “I could not be happier that I kept these guys around.

“I know we have some future champions in the mix,” White added as the season came to a close. “I’m very excited for the live event on February 9.”

Power Slap President Frank Lamicella recapped all the athletes that earned a spot on Power Slap 6:

Branden Bordeaux, Makini Manu, Logan Greenhalgh, Garrett Blakesslee, Garret Grimes, Zach Zane, Eddie Brahimir, Danie Heerden, and Brian Ellis.

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He also listed all the competitors that competed in the semifinals who didn’t win their matches: Eviahn Scott, Joe Landman, Chris Debow, Hayden Southall, Merlis Muusikus, Delvin Hamlett, Amir Nuriddeen, Cody Vallo, and Cody Belisle.

All of those strikers earned a spot on the roster despite coming up short in the competition.

The final thing to happen on the season was the coin toss for the Power Slap 6 main event, the welterweight title match between KO Chris and Manny Muniz. The toss went in favor of Muniz, who will strike first on February 9.

The two went face to face and the trash talk reached an all-time high. It’s going to be settled live on Rumble in just a few weeks.

And with that, that is a wrap on Road To The Title season 2. It was bigger and better than season one.

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