Mac Snaps Back In 2024 Sparring Footage

Conor McGregor is back in the gym and sparring, or at least he is for a new 90 second video clip shared through his news website The Mac Life.

If you go on McGregor’s social media accounts you’ll see tons of advertisements for Road House. There’s a whole bunch of Conor pics at his own road house, The Black Forge Inn. And look, here’s Conor enjoying yet another Black Forge Stout.

As far as training footage goes? He’s run a couple of sprints in some Instagram reels, but compare his Instagram to Michael Chandler’s — ‘Iron Mike’ seems to live in the gym, while we don’t know how long it’s been since Mac has sniffed a smelly rash guard.

There are some positive signs regarding McGregor’s return, though. Conor’s name pops up in the UFC drug testing database, showing the new post-USADA regime has paid him a visit. And now we have footage of McGregor sparring.

The video shows what looks like two sparring sessions with “The Notorious.” The first is pure boxing as McGregor punches up his sparring partner with uppercuts and body shots, pushing him back with endless aggression. We’re then transported to a cage where McGregor repeatedly uses his surgically repaired leg to kick at his sparring partner.

While we’d like to get excited for a Conor McGregor comeback, it seems like some sort of behind-the-scenes situation is keeping the UFC from signing him for his next fight. Word is McGregor pushed hard for the main event spot at UFC 300, only to be told to chill out and wait until June. He announced a June 29 date against Michael Chandler, only for UFC CEO Dana White to shoot that down.

“Uuuuh, no,” White said on McGregor fighting in June. “When Conor is ready to fight, you know we’ll announce it. That’s what we’ll do.”

Conor is getting tired of waiting, and so are the fans. It’s been two and a half years since the Mac last fought. Let’s go!

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