First, he’s 22 years old and already producing finishes at the highest level in the sport. Secondly, he only made his pro debut in October 2021, which means he’s logged 11 appearances and three UFC victories in just over two years. And lastly, he’s admittedly still a work in progress, having never wrestled until recently.

You could see some of the rawness and inexperience in the opening round with Bunes, but the fact that Van settled himself and chased down a finish before the second round wrapped was a huge indication that he possesses genuine upside and is only going to continue getting better with additional training and experience.

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Flyweight has a bunch of impressive young fighters in its ranks right now, and should be one of the most fascinating divisions to follow in the years to come.

Honorable Mentions: Nikolas Motta, Jean Silva, Farid Basharat, Marcus McGhee, Sam Patterson, Sean Woodson

Submission of the Month: Jasmine Jasudavicius def. Priscila Cachoeira (UFC 297)

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