‘F—k Him!’ Woodley Blasts ‘Mad Disrespectful’ Portnoy

Tyron Woodley won’t be working with Barstool Sports anytime soon.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight champion hasn’t been seen in competition since 2021 when he appeared in back-to-back boxing matches opposite Jake Paul. Unfortunately for Woodley, neither went his way as he first lost a split decision before a brutal sixth round knockout in the rematch.

Ahead of the first match, the Paul boxing circus was in full effect and attracted celebrity names like Barstool Sports Founder, Dave Portnoy, who squared the pair off at one point. The company was supposed to be a sponsor, according to Woodley, but after the interactions they had and hearing how Portnoy spoke about other athletes, he refused.

“We made a lot of money on that then they had some corporate sponsors that had to be on our shorts, which I did not f—k with Barstool Sports. I do not like that dude,” Woodley told Demetrious Johnson. “I cursed him out during the faceoff. I was like, ‘Who the f—k is you? Who told you to say that bulls—t?’ All the fans on Earth said they don’t want to hear that bulls—t. That s—t’s mad disrespectful the way he announced me and Jake.

“I didn’t know who he was, whoever that dude that owns Barstool Sports, but f—k him, whatever his name is,” he continued. “I don’t like him. F—k him. F—k Dave. Dave said some s—tty s—t about some athletes as well, and he said some bulls—t when we fought. People think just because you got money and clout that you gotta worship people, but I don’t. If you a billionaire or a bum, I’m gonna give you the same respect if you earn it. I always give respect, he disrespected me the first time I met him. He don’t get a second chance with me.”

Paul, 27, has fought four times in the wake of his Woodley rivalry to go 3-1 (8-1 overall). The 41-year-old Woodley, on the other hand, is currently planning on opening his own fight and entertainment league called Realest International Promotion.

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