Penn State Alumni Geno Morelli Talks College Career | UFC FIGHT PASS

“The middleweights at Penn State, while I was there, it was crazy the lineup that we had. My senior year, we had Zain Retherford at 149, he was the multiple time National champ, Jason Nolf at 157, multiple time National champ, Vincenzo Joseph same thing at 165, and then we had Bo Nickal at 184,” Morelli explained. “Shakur Rasheed, who ended up All-American the next year, Garrett Hammond who ended up transferring out.”

Morelli’s weight class included Shakur Rasheed and Mark Hall. Hall, a true freshman during Morelli’s senior season, beat Morelli to get the nod for Nationals and went on to win the National Tournament. Morelli finished his senior season 10-1, concluding his college career.

Morelli would continue his graduate education at Penn State, pursuing his MBA ,and would often visit the younger wrestlers, providing support and training on occasion.

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