Alexander Volkanovski And The Longest Divisional Winning Streaks In UFC History

Volkanovski has shown he isn’t someone who will get ahead of himself but instead stay on task, most recently in his win over Rodriguez when many believed he deserved an immediate rematch for the lightweight belt. Despite all that chatter, Volkanovski systematically dismantled Rodriguez to stretch his 145-pound winning streak to 11.

That’s all to say there’s plenty of greatness on the table left for Volkanovski. There are still records left to break and a legacy still in progress.

At UFC 298, there’s more on the line than just his belt, but what’s inarguable is that he is putting together one of the greatest Octagon careers we have ever seen, one that fight fans should savor and appreciate each time Men at Work’s “Down Under” blares over the speakers and Volkanovski makes the walk to the Octagon.

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