Midnight Mania! Iron Mike Crashes WWE Raw, Drops Fiery Promo

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Michael Chandler made the most of his Monday night (Feb. 19, 2024) visit to WWE’s RAW event in Anaheim, California. “Iron” scored some mic time, and at this point, how the Lightweight contender chose to use his moment shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Almost immediately, he was calling for Conor McGregor to finally show up.

“What’s up Anaheim!” Chandler screamed to the crowd. “You are now in the presence of the most entertaining UFC fighter on the planet! Hey, now there’s a man from Ireland that’s been making me wait for way too long, and I still got one dude on my mind. Conor McGregor, get your candy ass back to the Octagon! We got some unfinished business boys! God bless, and I’ll see you at the top!”

The pair of opposing Ultimate Fighter (TUF) coaches have been linked to fight one another since at least February 2023, but the match up continues to get delayed. The latest update from Dana White is that McGregor is possibly gone forever, whereas the frustrated Irishman is demanding a fight sooner than later. Clearly, there’s a disagreement there, and until it’s settled, Chandler will remain waiting on the sidelines.

At least, however, UFC and WWE merging under a single corporate entity, TKO Group Holdings, Inc, has given him something to do. WWE may be too hard for UFC fighters, but collaborations like this in which one athlete crosses into the other’s realm to promote their match up may become more common in the future.


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