Muhammad Naimov: Timing Is Everything

“Let me tell you a little about Russia and America,” began Naimov, who spent a portion of his camp in Vladikavaz, in the North Caucasus region, in addition to working in Denver. “In America, I pay attention — they work really smart, they train really smart. In Russia, they’re killing themselves in training; they’re killing themselves. They train two hours, non-stop, morning and night. Americans train smarter — they hold themselves from hard training, but train with game plans and all this stuff.

“Right now, I’m putting hard with smart and it’s coming like this,” he said, making a fist with each hand and bringing them together. “I have a little bit of U.S.A. and a little bit of the other, and I put them together, and it’s showing in these fights.”

It most certainly has, and he fully intends to show even more this weekend in Mexico City.

“I will do everything. I put everything on this fight; it’s going to 100 percent,” Naimov said excitedly. “I will bring the best Muhammad on Saturday night — best mental game, best striker and wrestler and grappler.

“It’s going to be a big surprise for the UFC. I’m about to shock the world, inshallah.”

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