Liddell Goes Back To School, Hits Triple Lindy Into San Diego Bay

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell was back in the headlines this week after slipping on an invisible banana peel and tumbling over the side of a boat. “The Iceman” was quickly extracted from San Diego Bay by members of his yacht party but was soaked from head-to-toe.

Blame it on Ambien?

The custom made, $4.5 million Tecnomar Lamborghini vessel belongs to La Jolla resident and Doctor Multimedia CEO Ace Rogers, who was filming his “Digital Mastery Mastermind” series with Liddell as a special guest. Rogers later poked fun of TMZ on his Instagram page for sharing the footage.

Sure beats this clip.

Liddell, 54, retired from UFC back in June 2010 but resurfaced for another fight against longtime rival Tito Ortiz in late 2018. A visibly slower “Iceman” was melted in the first round of their Golden Boy MMA broadcast and Liddell has (thankfully) remained inactive in the years that followed.

But if Jon Jones comes calling…

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