Jamie Pickett: Let’s Roll

Pickett will be the first person to admit that his four-fight skid has been less than ideal, but the North Carolina native has never made excuses, and he’s proud of how he’s handled his time in the Octagon.

“My UFC has career has not been the best and it’s not been what I wanted it to be, but I’ve not shied away from anybody,” Pickett told UFC.com. “I fought everybody they asked me to fight and that’s why I’m still in the UFC.

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“You have winners, and you have losers. Take it as it goes and love the ride while it’s here.  I’m in the UFC, I get to see things, see different people, different fighters, and I get to fight. I love to fight. I love to be around fighting.

“I said yes, I wanted this, and I wanted to be in it,” he said.

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