Ode’ Osbourne Is Getting Back To His Roots

Having the kind of striking power that was on display against Jerome Rivera and Zarrukh Adashev, as well as some slick submissions, can make someone forget their wrestling, but with Osbourne now with eight UFC fights under his belt, he’s got to start putting everything together. He knows it, but the way he sees it, the inconsistency of the past comes down to one aspect of the fighter’s journey:

“Weight cutting and dieting, that is the main factor,” he said. “And I finally have a handle on my weight cutting and my nutrition. After the last fight, I was like, that’s it. I’m not doing this anymore. I’m going to make sure that I am doing things right and I’m going to make sure that my nutrition is right because man, whenever I just feel weak in there, I can’t be myself. But whenever I fight at home here at the APEX, I’ve never lost at the APEX because everything is here. The nutrition team is here, the saunas, everything. My routine is here, everything is here for me, but moving forward, if I have to fight outside of Vegas, I’m going to win because I’ve gotten a pretty good handle on my nutrition. That’s been the major thing, because if you have a Ferrari and there’s no gas in the Ferrari, you can’t really go anywhere. That’s been me when I had to travel outside for fighting.”

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If that was the missing piece of the Ode’ Osbourne puzzle, maybe 2024 will be his year. And if it is, will he ever play the “what if” game, wondering where he’d be if he figured it all out a few years ago?
“It’s hard not to, but I try not to because I’m a huge believer in my faith in God, and I believe that I have to be humble,” he said. “God has a way of keeping you humble. So it’s just a humbling experience.”

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