Natan Levy Focusing On The Now

On Saturday, Levy returns to the Octagon for the first time since December of 2022 when he faces Mike Davis at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas. Matters have not improved in the Middle East, and while it weighs on Levy, he’s had to find ways to focus on getting back to work.

“It’s a terrible thing and I’m not getting over it whatsoever,” he said. “But if I just focused on it all the time, I would have no energy left to train or to fight. I have to let myself forget for part of the day or, more likely, just be mindful of what I’m doing at the moment and the task at hand, rather than give in to fear or overthink the situation and the safety of my family. And yeah, it runs into you online all the time. I’m still connected to the news, and I want to know what’s happening, of course. But, at first, I was on the news 24/7, if I want to fight and represent my country well, I need to get off the news a little bit so I can have some hours in the day where I can actually relax and recover from training.”

Saturday’s Full Fight Card Preview

This is a serious time in Levy’s life, and that’s understandable, so maybe this is the wrong moment to ask him this question, but in talking to him over the last few years, he always seems serious. Is this the case?

“I’m serious all the time, but I am happy to do an interview with you,” he deadpans.   

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